Child Custody

Your children are the most important things in your world.   If you are currently going through a child custody battle, or unhappy with your custodial time and considering starting a new case or modifying your current order, hiring the right attorney can make all of the difference.  

At the Law Offices of Amanda J. Iannuzzelli, Amanda Iannuzzelli will fight for your custodial rights, and aggressively pursue your goals and what is in the best interests of your child/children.  Whether it is a minor disagreement regarding legal custody, or a major physical custody issue, such as relocation, when you hire the Law Offices of Amanda J. Iannuzzelli, you can rest assured that the best possible outcome in your custody case will be attained.


Hiring an attorney to start a new child custody case is highly recommended above doing it “pro se” (representing yourself).  When you hire the Law Offices of Amanda J. Iannuzzelli, you can rest easy knowing that you case is being handled by an experienced professional who truly care about you and your family.  Our firm will work with you to learn about your goals and establish realistic and reasonable expectations, implementing a strategy to obtain them that has been personalized just for you. From drafting and filing the complaint, to arguing the issues before the Master or Judge, we take care of everything, making the experience as painless as possible and giving you the peace of mind that your child custody matter is in the right hands.



All Child Custody Orders are considered temporary, due to the fact that they can always be modified based on a change of circumstance.   It is extremely common for a parent to want to modify the existing custody order as time passes and situations change. Maybe you have gotten a new job with a new schedule that is different than the one your current child custody order accommodated.  Maybe your child has gotten older and the current order was implemented when he/she was much younger. Maybe your parenting counterpart has not been making following the current schedule easy. Whatever your reason, if you wish to modify your existing order, it is important to discuss your goals with a qualified attorney, who will help you to develop and successfully obtain a realistic expectation for the Modification of your current child custody order.  When you hire the Law Offices of Amanda J. Iannuzzelli, you are hiring a zealous advocate committed to achieving your goals.



The Court defines a “relocation” as moving any distance that is far away enough to impede the other parent’s custodial rights.  If you are seeking a relocation, you must obtain either the other party’s permission, or the Court’s permission. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to ascertain what actually constitutes a “relocation”.  Living in the tristate area, there will be instances when moving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey may not be considered a relocation, whereas other times moving to the other end of the County could fit the definition.   If you plan on moving, it is important to consult with an attorney well versed in child custody law, to not only learn your rights and obligations, but also to understand if your particular situation falls within the spectrum of a “Relocation”.   If you are moving, or considering a move, discussing your specific situation with an experienced attorney will help you understand if you are permitted to simply move, or if your change of address is considered a relocation. If your move is considered a relocation, the Law Offices of Amanda J. Iannuzzelli can help you to achieve the best possible results for you.  From drafting and filing the petition, to representing you at the relocation trial, you can trust that your case is in good hands.



Under the Child Custody Statute, grandparents in certain situations have the right to file for custody of their grandchildren.  Grandparents may petition the court for custody of their grandchildren upon the death of a parent, when parents are divorce or have been separated for six months or more and a divorce has been filed, and when a child has resided with a grandparent for 12 months or more, followed by the child being removed by a parent.  If you have concerns about your grandchildren and are considering filing for custody, meeting with an experience attorney will help you to understand if you meet the criteria under the law, and ensure that the process of filing and arguing your case goes smoothly. The Law Offices of Amanda J. Iannuzzelli has extensive experience with grandparents’ rights, and will assist you from start to finish, taking control to obtain results and put your mind at ease.